Story Time

At The Camp Fire

We were all sitting around a campfire talking about the end of our summer vacation and what
we were dreading going into fall. We all had had the best vacation together in Cancun and were
having a fire on the beach realizing it was nearly time to go home. Winter was on the horizon,
yes “winter is coming” in the infamous words of Game of Thrones! It was nearly time to return
to our studies. Only two more years to go! I was studying Sociology at the time and then soon
after changed my degree to Entertainment Journalism.

We all drove down together for Cali. We had an amazing camper van. There was eight of us in
total! Suzi, Jay, Emily, Danni, Jake, Fiona, William and I were pretty tight, we had our own inner
circle you could say. We had been close since we were kids and had traveled all the way
through our adult studies together. We liked to go on vacation together, it was what we did
every year after we completed one year of studies – apart from when we were kids of course!
We have been to a fair few places so far. Central America seemed to be our favorite place to
travel as well as parts of America. Mexico had been the greatest vacation so far! We had been
on a 6 week tour starting in Cancun and ending in Cancun.

It was such a great tour, packed full of history and we all had so much fun. A combination of
beach and historical sites, museums and spas, hiking and of course a few beach parties. I would
always show up with wet hair wherever I went. I loved the smell of my Tea Tree oil Shampoo
and just wanted to leave it as wet for as long as possible as it always smelt good in the wind,
especially on the days we would sit by the beach. I am a “nose” in other words my sense of
smell is on point, I can smell things a million miles off, almost like a dog! It’s my super power, so
I have a thing for essential oils and in particular Tea Tree. My friends laugh at me but I always
tell them one day my super power will be needed, like what if there is a gas leak or something of
the sort!

So as we were sitting around this campfire – me with my wet hair of course, we were all just
realizing how thankful we were and that we didn’t have much time left together. That there was
only two more study years before we launched ourselves into the big wide world. We realized
that our circle was so special that we should really marvel at how long we had all been friends.
We vowed to always be friends but we also knew in our bellies that life is life and sometimes it
pulls people a part and that for some reason its necessary. For now, we still have a few more
vacations up our sleeves. Next summer we are thinking to go to Europe, maybe Paris – oh la la!
We shall see what the future holds.

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