The Lord Of Guns

Guns, guns, the musical fruit. No, wait. That beans. Anyway, guns… always more of them, aren’t theתוצאת תמונה עבור ‪lord of war‬‏re? Like it was wisely said in Lord of War “there is 1 gun for every 12 people on the planet. The question is, how do we arm the other 11?”

In the U.S., guns have been part of the American way of life. It’s how this country was built, along with many others. During the Civil War, guns and tactics paved the road to a Union victory and the emancipation of countless souls. Trouble was, it came at the expense of so many others.

I am a firm believer of the line ‘guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people.’ And it’s true. There are so many ideas on weapons. People need to have the ability to defend themselves, their homes, and their loved ones. We cannot count on law-enforcement to take care of everything, which brings us to gun safety and firearms education. It is necessary. Very much so.

There are some countries which have much looser gun laws, and the gun-related violence there is not nearly as high as in the states. So, obviously, it is not a question of guns, but of the people who are handling and operating them. We need to have more education, better safety measures, and ways of making sure that those who need not be in possession of guns don’t have them. Gunivore is where you go to get all the information you need via reviews or articles about guns.

But how do we tell the difference? How can we make sure that kids stop bringing weapons to schools? We can’t. Not all the way, anyway. But it starts with education. There are many law-abiding civilians out there, carriers of the open and concealed nature who are doing everything in their power to be responsible and safe. It in on those people to teach their kids and the ones close to them about firearm safety.

Some accidents are unavoidable. Sometimes there are weapons recalls, and with good cause. Heck, even Glock with its Safe Action system has had to recall certain models for fear of malfunction. Yeah, they call it an upgrade, but it is a recall, and we know it.

As much as you can try and limit and regulate the distribution of weaponry, there are some elements out there, like criminals, who wouldn’t care. They want a gun, they get a gun. Will those people teach their kids about safety? Who is to say? I am not sure, and I would not presume to have all the answers. I wish for a time when guns will no longer be a part of our everyday life, but right now they have to be.

Good guys need to have guns, because the bad ones have them. But even so, the stats of gun-related accidents does not match up. There is too much of it. And I am all for self-defense, but there is a limit. At some point, the idea of the second amendment was twisted a bit, I feel. And while guns are undoubtedly a necessity in some places, it is not for everyone to have. It was written in the bill of rights, but how can it be a right if it is so rigidly regulated?

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