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Purple Shampoo

When my friend suggested purple shampoo for the yellow streaks in my hair, I thought for sure he was kidding. I had never heard of it, oddly enough. He was working for a cosmetics company at the time, doing some telemarketing work, and I found out through him that there is such a thing called purple shampoo for yellow hair.

It sounds like a gag. It sounds like some kind of glop you would buy in a joke shop (do those still exist?), and then use for vengeance against someone. Alrighty, so there isn’t too much to go on in terms of glop, but it is a real product, and apparently it is made by many brands. I still cannot believe it. In all of the times I spent at supermarket isles, I had never in my life noticed the words purple shampoo (reviewed by Maple Holistics). Is that odd? Maybe.

Regardless, he mentioned that blondes use it for getting rid of brassy colors in their hair. That overly-yellow, that borderline-unattractive kind yellow which gets into hair from too much sun, or incompatible hair care products, or other issues such as the elements. Or sometimes, it could happen if you are a dyed blonde who’s color has run out. Whatever the cause may be, it isn’t beyond salvation.

If your dye is fading, then re-dye. Salon, store-bought. Either way. If the dye is losing its color, and is letting in yellow streaks, purple shampoo probably will not be any help.

If, however, it is any of the other causes, it can be helped with the power of purple. It doesn’t matter what brand you get, as long as it fits your hairstyle and scalp. It should also fit in with the rest of your hair care routine. Purple shampoo is only to be used every now and then, not daily like other shampoos. If you overuse the purple, the dye will affect not only your yellow tones, but your regular ones as well. And, let’s face it, if you want to dye your hair purple, there are much easier ways to go about that.

Using homemade purple shampoo is also a thing which is done. Some don’t trust the ingredients in regular shampoos. People who are in on the No Poo method will attest to this. Parabens, sulfates, harsh detergents. These can all do more harm than good, depending on the case at hand. At any rate, using shampoo which you make yourself can be a very rewarding experience. Other than the actual experience and sometimes reduced expense of using your own shampoo, you can also make sure that it is personalized to your hair type. Use oils that you like, soaps that you like, and a purple dye that you choose. That way you can be aware of what is going inside your hair roots and on your scalp, and invariably into your bloodstream.

I hadn’t heard of purple shampoo, but I am definitely a fan now. Highly recommended for blondes and highlighted brunettes as well.

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