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The Game Of Life

Do you know the board game called Life? I loved to play it as a child. There was also a computer version, which was so much more fun because it didn’t need to be set up and was much more interactive. It’s funny comparing the game to actual life. The best job you can get in the game was a doctor, and the salary was one hundred thousand dollars. That’s the most you could make in the game. It’s nowhere near what doctors or lawyers make today.

The game also made everyone drive a minivan and there were six seats in the car. At some point in the game you got married, so that would mean one more seat in the car was filled and you would have children, but you only could have for children. In real life, you can have as many children as you please. Even though, it’s not so common to have more than four unless you live in a certain community or practice a specific religion.

The game Life also goes by really quickly. As I get older, real life goes quicker and quicker every year. I just keep getting older without even knowing what I accomplished in the past year. It’s crazy. In the game, you also got to buy a house. Obviously, you only can afford the nicest home if you had a high paying job. The same thing applies to the real world. Unless you’re making a significant amount of money, you can’t buy your dream home. It’s hard for the people who didn’t become doctors and lawyers, but they still can dream, right?

The game highlights marriage, getting a job, buying a home, and having children. Even though those are all important parts of someone’s life, it doesn’t reflect with the current millennial lifestyle. The Millennials that Re-entering the work field are focusing on their careers. Maybe they are getting married, but they don’t have to be married to have a child. It’s the newest trend to have a child out of wedlock. Becoming a parent is not completely separate from marriage. They are two distinct things. One does not require the other. Every one of The Kardashians that have children have had at least one out of wedlock. They are the cool thing now, so whatever they do is cool. Having a child out of wedlock has also become so common because it’s not such a taboo anymore. Marriages can sometimes be messy and difficult, but a child gives so much to their parents as well as its grandparents.

If a daughter today tells their mom that they’re pregnant and they aren’t married, the mom wouldn’t flinch. She will be overjoyed to get a grandchild. When parent’s babies become adults, all they want is to have their children to have babies. It’s the best gift you can give your parent. But then again, it should only be done when and if you’re ready. You should never rush or feel pressured, even though biological clocks are ticking.

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