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Improve Your Relationship

1) Work on improving your honesty: By making a conscious effort to not only avoid lies and white lies, but to tone down embellishment and exaggeration as well, you can go a long way towards fostering a healthier relationship with your significant other. I think that lies are the number one demise of any relationship. There’s reason to believe that if you’re honest with your partner, your relationship will withstand the test of time. There is no right time to go behind your partners back, which means that if you’re an honest person you won’t. Or you’ll at least be upfront with your partner about your desires to stray or whatever it may be. This puts your relationship in the best position possible to thrive. I think that without honesty, you don’t have trust. If you don’t have trust then you don’t have a relationship as far as I’m concerned. Your partner should be someone whom you can rely on and be your best self with. Second guessing every move due to a lack of trust essentially means that you’re over. So, this new year, try to cultivate trust, honesty, and open communication with your partner in order to improve your relationship and help it to thrive.

(2) Eat healthier and improve your lifestyle: Not only will this improve your physical health, but getting healthier with your significant other can be great for a relationship. Whether running together, cooking together or heading to the gym together, there is lots of closeness to be promoted via a healthy lifestyle. You are what you eat, which means that if you eat unhealthy food it’s inevitably going to rub off on your relationship. When you and your partner are living your healthiest lives, it means that you have the optimal health to handle your relationship. Relationships are stressful and living an unhealthy life can only add to that stress.

(3) Don’t obsess over your phone: Staring at a screen for hours a day is simply not a healthy way to go through life and will lead to inevitable phone use during what should be intimate times due to the bad habit being ingrained. Learn to use your phone less, and ideally on only a need-to-use basis. By being in the moment with your partner you will become closer and your bond will strengthen.

Setting time every week to turn your phone off and not use any electronic devices. This can drastically help your emotional state and lesson your dependence on your phone. People today are very addicted to their phones and social media. One of the best ways to kick this addiction is to spend one day a week not using them. Having that time when you have to spend time with the people around you or getting essential errands done, can take the pressure off your relationship and enhance your face-to-face connections. We get so sucked into our technical devices that we forget what it means to be in an authentic relationship. While your tech is a great way to stay in touch throughout the day, when you’re both home you should try talking to each other in person. It will do wonders for your relationship this coming year.

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Making Decisions

I always think about the fact that celebrities literally are followed around by paparazzi. There is someone constantly following them around trying to see what they’re doing with their life. I wonder if this makes you act in a better way than you normally would. You might be more careful about what you did or where you go if you knew that you were being followed everywhere. I know that if I was being followed I would behave in a much better way than I do now. Not that I do anything particularly sketchy but I think it holds you more accountable for your actions.

This might be why some people turn to a higher power to judge them for their indecencies. Believing in a higher power holds you accountable for your actions and this is the little kick that we sometimes need in order to be our best selves. Whether you believe that there is something up in Heaven or not is irrelevant if it leads you to be a better version of yourself. When you act in a proper way and being the best version of yourself is what is important to you, the details seem to fall away. They don’t matter in the scheme of things.

With this in mind maybe it’s a good thing that celebrities are followed around by paparazzi. Imagine what they would get up to if they weren’t. As it is there is questionable photos and information coming out about them daily so how much worse would it be if they didn’t have this accountability. I’m actually pretty against celebrities being held up on a pedestal and their live being revealed to the world. But generally speaking, it does give you a good example and metaphor for the need to be your best self at all times. No matter where you are, unless you are a hermit, somebody is watching at some point.

You can’t just expect to behave however you want and not be held accountable for the negative choices that you make. Whether it’s a literal repayment or another form of payment, every bad choice or action has a consequence to it. It’s not that I believe in karma but I do think that when you put out a certain energy into the world, the Universe reflects that energy and it affects your whole reality. Okay fine, so maybe I do believe in karma. Either way, you need to tread carefully when you make decisions. Any decisions that you make should be well thought through and calculated. Make sure that you’re using your logic above all else so that you have no regrets. Regrets are one of the biggest things that can hold a person back in life. They force them to hold onto the past rather than move into the future. And that’s one of the reasons that I think tracking celebrities lives are so invaded by paparazzi. Their mistakes are publicized for everyone to see.

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The Game Of Life

Do you know the board game called Life? I loved to play it as a child. There was also a computer version, which was so much more fun because it didn’t need to be set up and was much more interactive. It’s funny comparing the game to actual life. The best job you can get in the game was a doctor, and the salary was one hundred thousand dollars. That’s the most you could make in the game. It’s nowhere near what doctors or lawyers make today.

The game also made everyone drive a minivan and there were six seats in the car. At some point in the game you got married, so that would mean one more seat in the car was filled and you would have children, but you only could have for children. In real life, you can have as many children as you please. Even though, it’s not so common to have more than four unless you live in a certain community or practice a specific religion.

The game Life also goes by really quickly. As I get older, real life goes quicker and quicker every year. I just keep getting older without even knowing what I accomplished in the past year. It’s crazy. In the game, you also got to buy a house. Obviously, you only can afford the nicest home if you had a high paying job. The same thing applies to the real world. Unless you’re making a significant amount of money, you can’t buy your dream home. It’s hard for the people who didn’t become doctors and lawyers, but they still can dream, right?

The game highlights marriage, getting a job, buying a home, and having children. Even though those are all important parts of someone’s life, it doesn’t reflect with the current millennial lifestyle. The Millennials that Re-entering the work field are focusing on their careers. Maybe they are getting married, but they don’t have to be married to have a child. It’s the newest trend to have a child out of wedlock. Becoming a parent is not completely separate from marriage. They are two distinct things. One does not require the other. Every one of The Kardashians that have children have had at least one out of wedlock. They are the cool thing now, so whatever they do is cool. Having a child out of wedlock has also become so common because it’s not such a taboo anymore. Marriages can sometimes be messy and difficult, but a child gives so much to their parents as well as its grandparents.

If a daughter today tells their mom that they’re pregnant and they aren’t married, the mom wouldn’t flinch. She will be overjoyed to get a grandchild. When parent’s babies become adults, all they want is to have their children to have babies. It’s the best gift you can give your parent. But then again, it should only be done when and if you’re ready. You should never rush or feel pressured, even though biological clocks are ticking.

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Dealing With Emotions

I used to want to be a singer when I was young. I would sing in the shower for hours and practice in the mirror with my good ol hairbrush. I had an amazing vocal coach when I was around 11. I remember he and I remember loving singing with her. I remember hitting a note once that was so beautiful that I actually remember it. Sometimes I think what could have been if I had stuck at it, but I didn’t.

Life just gets in the way sometimes you know and I didn’t have pushy parents. I used to watch every musical under the sun and always see myself on a stage. I nearly went to stage school but didn’t quite make it. Its funny with my acting and musical career everything else seemed to come before it. I think its because it was so important to me that I couldn’t face the heartbreak of it not going well. I know I had potential though, I was told many times but I literally felt myself give up on it. Its like it dried up. I still sing now but just for myself and to myself. I recorded a little album with a friend and that helped me get some of it out of my system. I remember hearing a Woman say once on one of those shows “don’t let me die with this music still in me”. It was such a powerful thing to say and I could relate to it so much.

Its quite sad in a way to feel that I didn’t have the courage to actually foll

ow my dream. Many say that you know its not over and I get that. Of course, you can re-pick up a dream at any point but I think we can go past our prime and lets face it, the world favors the young. Even so, I am sure its possible to pick up a dream and I am not sure a person is truly happy until they at least acknowledge their dreams. If I could go back in time would I do things differently? I kind of want to say no because I don’t really want to have any regrets but then I think maybe I would go back to the time where I kind of threw in the towel and I would pick it up again and at least try and if it didn’t work then what did I lose, nothing! Anything good and worthwhile takes practice and effort and most of all patience and persistence, especially with trial and error. Anyway, I am grateful for that which I have been a part of in my life so far musically and theatrically and it will always be something I remember.

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Story Time

At The Camp Fire

We were all sitting around a campfire talking about the end of our summer vacation and what
we were dreading going into fall. We all had had the best vacation together in Cancun and were
having a fire on the beach realizing it was nearly time to go home. Winter was on the horizon,
yes “winter is coming” in the infamous words of Game of Thrones! It was nearly time to return
to our studies. Only two more years to go! I was studying Sociology at the time and then soon
after changed my degree to Entertainment Journalism.

We all drove down together for Cali. We had an amazing camper van. There was eight of us in
total! Suzi, Jay, Emily, Danni, Jake, Fiona, William and I were pretty tight, we had our own inner
circle you could say. We had been close since we were kids and had traveled all the way
through our adult studies together. We liked to go on vacation together, it was what we did
every year after we completed one year of studies – apart from when we were kids of course!
We have been to a fair few places so far. Central America seemed to be our favorite place to
travel as well as parts of America. Mexico had been the greatest vacation so far! We had been
on a 6 week tour starting in Cancun and ending in Cancun.

It was such a great tour, packed full of history and we all had so much fun. A combination of
beach and historical sites, museums and spas, hiking and of course a few beach parties. I would
always show up with wet hair wherever I went. I loved the smell of my Tea Tree oil Shampoo
and just wanted to leave it as wet for as long as possible as it always smelt good in the wind,
especially on the days we would sit by the beach. I am a “nose” in other words my sense of
smell is on point, I can smell things a million miles off, almost like a dog! It’s my super power, so
I have a thing for essential oils and in particular Tea Tree. My friends laugh at me but I always
tell them one day my super power will be needed, like what if there is a gas leak or something of
the sort!

So as we were sitting around this campfire – me with my wet hair of course, we were all just
realizing how thankful we were and that we didn’t have much time left together. That there was
only two more study years before we launched ourselves into the big wide world. We realized
that our circle was so special that we should really marvel at how long we had all been friends.
We vowed to always be friends but we also knew in our bellies that life is life and sometimes it
pulls people a part and that for some reason its necessary. For now, we still have a few more
vacations up our sleeves. Next summer we are thinking to go to Europe, maybe Paris – oh la la!
We shall see what the future holds.

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Tea Tree Oil Is Essential

Tea tree oil, from Australia, has become an all-star. It appears in so many different kinds of products, and it is still going strong. So, what is it about this essential oil which has grabbed so many people’s attention, and has converted so many of those who were hitherto users of strictly less natural products?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I discovered tea tree when I wanted to get rid of my mosquitoes. I wanted an oil that I could burn which would smell nice, and also keep them away. I was offered a few, and tea tree seemed like the way to go. So I did. And I kind of backtracked, and came into the understanding of this plant and its history.

So, apparently, this tree has been used by the original Australians for many, many generations. They have all kinds of uses for its many parts, and the essential oil of the leaves and branches is only one of them. But, to the point, it was discovered (or rather re-discovered) by western researchers at the turn of the century, or close to that.

Australian soldiers were given tea tree oil as part of their personal first-aid kit. I have no doubt that it helped those who would have otherwise died from inflammation in the field. If you put a field dressing on a wound and add tea tree oil, it will help to disinfect and heal the region. This oil is highly useful in a right spot, which is why it was part of the medical kit.

Nowadays, people use tea tree is so many products. But be sure to look and see where it is on the label. It shouldn’t be all the way down at the end. I mean, it is a powerful substance, but don’t be duped.

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The Lord Of Guns

Guns, guns, the musical fruit. No, wait. That beans. Anyway, guns… always more of them, aren’t theתוצאת תמונה עבור ‪lord of war‬‏re? Like it was wisely said in Lord of War “there is 1 gun for every 12 people on the planet. The question is, how do we arm the other 11?”

In the U.S., guns have been part of the American way of life. It’s how this country was built, along with many others. During the Civil War, guns and tactics paved the road to a Union victory and the emancipation of countless souls. Trouble was, it came at the expense of so many others.

I am a firm believer of the line ‘guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people.’ And it’s true. There are so many ideas on weapons. People need to have the ability to defend themselves, their homes, and their loved ones. We cannot count on law-enforcement to take care of everything, which brings us to gun safety and firearms education. It is necessary. Very much so.

There are some countries which have much looser gun laws, and the gun-related violence there is not nearly as high as in the states. So, obviously, it is not a question of guns, but of the people who are handling and operating them. We need to have more education, better safety measures, and ways of making sure that those who need not be in possession of guns don’t have them. Gunivore is where you go to get all the information you need via reviews or articles about guns.

But how do we tell the difference? How can we make sure that kids stop bringing weapons to schools? We can’t. Not all the way, anyway. But it starts with education. There are many law-abiding civilians out there, carriers of the open and concealed nature who are doing everything in their power to be responsible and safe. It in on those people to teach their kids and the ones close to them about firearm safety.

Some accidents are unavoidable. Sometimes there are weapons recalls, and with good cause. Heck, even Glock with its Safe Action system has had to recall certain models for fear of malfunction. Yeah, they call it an upgrade, but it is a recall, and we know it.

As much as you can try and limit and regulate the distribution of weaponry, there are some elements out there, like criminals, who wouldn’t care. They want a gun, they get a gun. Will those people teach their kids about safety? Who is to say? I am not sure, and I would not presume to have all the answers. I wish for a time when guns will no longer be a part of our everyday life, but right now they have to be.

Good guys need to have guns, because the bad ones have them. But even so, the stats of gun-related accidents does not match up. There is too much of it. And I am all for self-defense, but there is a limit. At some point, the idea of the second amendment was twisted a bit, I feel. And while guns are undoubtedly a necessity in some places, it is not for everyone to have. It was written in the bill of rights, but how can it be a right if it is so rigidly regulated?

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Healthy Skin

It turns out beauty is more than skin deep: The average person slathers, lathers, rubs and sprays, 10 different skin care products on his or her body every day–and since our skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier, we absorb the nearly 130 chemicals we regularly expose ourselves to. Cosmetics companies and the FDA maintain that these chemicals are safe, and many of them are–in small doses at least. But consider that the average woman wears makeup every day, and you begin to understand how a little dab here a quick spray there begins to add up. The fact is, no one really knows how certain chemicals affect us over time, or how they react in our bodies in combination. Other chemicals have known dangers: Phosphates, for example, which are often found in artificial fragrances, are a class of hormone disrupt or which can be linked to birth defects, sperm damage, infertility, and the feminization of baby boys, for instance.

Almost 90 percent of the 10,500 cosmetics and skin care ingredients known to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have not been evaluated for safety by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, the FDA, or any other publicly accountable institution, according to the Environmental Working Group. To be fair, no one’s dropping dead after a using a mascara wand or a body wash, and manufacturers have an interest in creating products that don’t harm their customers. But complex chemicals with potential unknown side effects lead us to follow the Precautionary Principle. That is to say, if we’d prefer to err on the side of safety until we know. We’re not the only ones who feel this way: More than 1,110 personal-product ingredients have been banned for use in cosmetics in the European Union because of concerns that they may cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive ills. By contrast only 10 are banned here in the U.S. Maple Holistics is the best place to go for all of the best reviews, articles and products.

Don’t be fooled by cosmetic advertising: Myriad creams, lotions, and potions at the drugstore and cosmetics counter make promises they could never deliver on. (Trust us, all the fancy products in the world will never turn the tide of aging.) Eye creams, for instance, rarely vary in formulation from your basic facial moisturizer. Our recommendation is to keep it simple: All you need is a basic cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and broad-spectrum sunscreen to keep your skin in tip-top shape. Everything else is just dressing.Toxic synthetic chemicals are the biggest issue in the beauty industry today, so it pays to hone a keen eye when it comes to examining product labels. For example, it’s counter intuitive, but unfortunately, the words “natural” and “all-natural” are not regulated labeling terms. A great resource is the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database site, which rates popular cosmetics and personal-care products with hazard scores on a scale of 0 to 10, depending on their toxicity.

So choosing a natural option is probably the best one available at this point in terms of treating your skin and keeping healthy at the same time.

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The Glock 19 Gen 4 Is The Greatest Gun In The World

There is no wrong way to eat a reeses. There is a wrong way to eat a gun however that is to try to eat it at all. Guns and rifles are not food so you should not treat them as such. The thing is I have been a gun advocate for a very long time and I have heard all sorts of arguments about how guns kill people and cause damage but can that actually be the case. I am sure that if every American shot a gun they would be as addicted as I am to them. My Remington 700 shotgun comes with me on every hunting trip I take.

Its 3.5 reticle and all wood frame make the shot like pudding pie. I can’t get enough of its steel exterior frontal cortex range power and the trigger pulls like a charm from Charlies. The thing is gun jargon is so complex you would need to buy a dictionary just to understand what all us gun freaks are talking about. Firearms can be something for everyone if you only try hard enough and if you use guns wrong, enough is enough as my old gym teacher used to say. I can tell you how to put together a gun like you could tell me how to put together a suit of armor to protect against gun violence. There is no need to worry when a rifle is in your hands as long as you know how to use it. If you don’t know how you should learn how because rifles are powerful things that really can help you out of a tight spot. They also can kill a deer for you giving you precious meat and potatoes. Learning how to defend oneself is high priority.

This is not only a concept for rifles and hunting but even for everyday life. You see if you can get a gun license you can carry a gun all the time. I have a glock 19 gen 4 that I carry every day and this gun is worth checking out. I also own a couple that I keep at home just in case someone tries to break into my home. Home defense is as easy as 1,2, shoot! And you can learn how to defend yourself with a gun like the Glock 19 gen 4 really easy. The thing about bullets is that they hurt and that is a feeling you shouldn’t want to feel so you won’t tell someone with a gun, “ hey, you suck!” because he has a gun.

I think I want to leave you with the idea that Glock 19 Gen 4 (Check out this great review on guns are the best on the market and also that even if you only have your fists you should fight as hard as you can. Because there is nothing worse than bringing a dog to a gun fight or was a gun to a dog show. No matter what show you are bringing a gun two make sure your gun is in safety mode.

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Hair Care

Purple Shampoo

When my friend suggested purple shampoo for the yellow streaks in my hair, I thought for sure he was kidding. I had never heard of it, oddly enough. He was working for a cosmetics company at the time, doing some telemarketing work, and I found out through him that there is such a thing called purple shampoo for yellow hair.

It sounds like a gag. It sounds like some kind of glop you would buy in a joke shop (do those still exist?), and then use for vengeance against someone. Alrighty, so there isn’t too much to go on in terms of glop, but it is a real product, and apparently it is made by many brands. I still cannot believe it. In all of the times I spent at supermarket isles, I had never in my life noticed the words purple shampoo (reviewed by Maple Holistics). Is that odd? Maybe.

Regardless, he mentioned that blondes use it for getting rid of brassy colors in their hair. That overly-yellow, that borderline-unattractive kind yellow which gets into hair from too much sun, or incompatible hair care products, or other issues such as the elements. Or sometimes, it could happen if you are a dyed blonde who’s color has run out. Whatever the cause may be, it isn’t beyond salvation.

If your dye is fading, then re-dye. Salon, store-bought. Either way. If the dye is losing its color, and is letting in yellow streaks, purple shampoo probably will not be any help.

If, however, it is any of the other causes, it can be helped with the power of purple. It doesn’t matter what brand you get, as long as it fits your hairstyle and scalp. It should also fit in with the rest of your hair care routine. Purple shampoo is only to be used every now and then, not daily like other shampoos. If you overuse the purple, the dye will affect not only your yellow tones, but your regular ones as well. And, let’s face it, if you want to dye your hair purple, there are much easier ways to go about that.

Using homemade purple shampoo is also a thing which is done. Some don’t trust the ingredients in regular shampoos. People who are in on the No Poo method will attest to this. Parabens, sulfates, harsh detergents. These can all do more harm than good, depending on the case at hand. At any rate, using shampoo which you make yourself can be a very rewarding experience. Other than the actual experience and sometimes reduced expense of using your own shampoo, you can also make sure that it is personalized to your hair type. Use oils that you like, soaps that you like, and a purple dye that you choose. That way you can be aware of what is going inside your hair roots and on your scalp, and invariably into your bloodstream.

I hadn’t heard of purple shampoo, but I am definitely a fan now. Highly recommended for blondes and highlighted brunettes as well.

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