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Improve Your Relationship

1) Work on improving your honesty: By making a conscious effort to not only avoid lies and white lies, but to tone down embellishment and exaggeration as well, you can go a long way towards fostering a healthier relationship with your significant other. I think that lies are the number one demise of any relationship. There’s reason to believe that if you’re honest with your partner, your relationship will withstand the test of time. There is no right time to go behind your partners back, which means that if you’re an honest person you won’t. Or you’ll at least be upfront with your partner about your desires to stray or whatever it may be. This puts your relationship in the best position possible to thrive. I think that without honesty, you don’t have trust. If you don’t have trust then you don’t have a relationship as far as I’m concerned. Your partner should be someone whom you can rely on and be your best self with. Second guessing every move due to a lack of trust essentially means that you’re over. So, this new year, try to cultivate trust, honesty, and open communication with your partner in order to improve your relationship and help it to thrive.

(2) Eat healthier and improve your lifestyle: Not only will this improve your physical health, but getting healthier with your significant other can be great for a relationship. Whether running together, cooking together or heading to the gym together, there is lots of closeness to be promoted via a healthy lifestyle. You are what you eat, which means that if you eat unhealthy food it’s inevitably going to rub off on your relationship. When you and your partner are living your healthiest lives, it means that you have the optimal health to handle your relationship. Relationships are stressful and living an unhealthy life can only add to that stress.

(3) Don’t obsess over your phone: Staring at a screen for hours a day is simply not a healthy way to go through life and will lead to inevitable phone use during what should be intimate times due to the bad habit being ingrained. Learn to use your phone less, and ideally on only a need-to-use basis. By being in the moment with your partner you will become closer and your bond will strengthen.

Setting time every week to turn your phone off and not use any electronic devices. This can drastically help your emotional state and lesson your dependence on your phone. People today are very addicted to their phones and social media. One of the best ways to kick this addiction is to spend one day a week not using them. Having that time when you have to spend time with the people around you or getting essential errands done, can take the pressure off your relationship and enhance your face-to-face connections. We get so sucked into our technical devices that we forget what it means to be in an authentic relationship. While your tech is a great way to stay in touch throughout the day, when you’re both home you should try talking to each other in person. It will do wonders for your relationship this coming year.

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