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Tea Tree Oil Is Essential

Tea tree oil, from Australia, has become an all-star. It appears in so many different kinds of products, and it is still going strong. So, what is it about this essential oil which has grabbed so many people’s attention, and has converted so many of those who were hitherto users of strictly less natural products?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I discovered tea tree when I wanted to get rid of my mosquitoes. I wanted an oil that I could burn which would smell nice, and also keep them away. I was offered a few, and tea tree seemed like the way to go. So I did. And I kind of backtracked, and came into the understanding of this plant and its history.

So, apparently, this tree has been used by the original Australians for many, many generations. They have all kinds of uses for its many parts, and the essential oil of the leaves and branches is only one of them. But, to the point, it was discovered (or rather re-discovered) by western researchers at the turn of the century, or close to that.

Australian soldiers were given tea tree oil as part of their personal first-aid kit. I have no doubt that it helped those who would have otherwise died from inflammation in the field. If you put a field dressing on a wound and add tea tree oil, it will help to disinfect and heal the region. This oil is highly useful in a right spot, which is why it was part of the medical kit.

Nowadays, people use tea tree is so many products. But be sure to look and see where it is on the label. It shouldn’t be all the way down at the end. I mean, it is a powerful substance, but don’t be duped.

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